About Us

Who we are

The founders of Honeylives are several young people who love life. Once everyone's life was like a mess of sand, busy and busy, and after a year, they found that except for their age, their work, life, and even anxiety had hardly changed.

Later, by chance, they learned about the hand account. After ticking off your to-do list one by one at the end of a day, a week, or a month, that kind of gratification and satisfaction cannot be provided by any material, and such a sense of accomplishment will motivate you to complete more to-dos item

Everyone became friends because of their common hobbies. They met more people who liked scrapbooks and were attracted by the design of those beautiful handbooks. Only then did they realize that handbooks were not only used as task lists and diaries. Realize that hand accounts can be designed so beautifully. Hence the emergence of Honeylives: I hope more people can design beautiful hand accounts.

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Our Bright Idea

Honeylives is built on a culture of caring and our mission is to create a collection where craft lovers can relax, enjoy and revel in the magic of enjoying art, creating a beautiful world of craftsmanship full of creativity.

The process of recording the trivial moments of each day with pen and paper is full of ritual, and those notebooks full of memories will accompany you through a period of life. If we hadn't looked at the previous handbooks, we might have long forgotten those small fragments, but the beautiful, depressing, and sad things have become precious now, and they are all the footprints we have walked along the way.

We hope that everyone can record the good memories of their own life. Paints, brushes, markers, pencils, paper, stickers, and all of our tools and accessories are great for helping you create your art world.