Lady Wig Small Roll Short Female Wine Red High Temperature Silk Fiber Head Set

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Item: MS9005

Color: wine red


Inner mesh: comfortable and breathable rose inner mesh

Weight: 210g.

Length: 15

Process: whole mechanism

Packaging:OPP self-sealed bag, lining paper, black dust net, the default with a peri-card and send-off network, if you do not need a card can contact customer service notes.

Methods of care for wigs:
1. Try not to approach the high temperature, because the wig is not resistant to high temperature due to the material
2. Wigs can not be dyed, if you need pruning, please ask a professional stylist to trim the hai
3. Wigs are usually washed once every 1-2 months, depending on the frequency of MM wear.
4. Clean with cold or warm water and OK with regular shampoo
5.Clean wigs should not be blown dry by high-temperature air such as a hair dryer. Dry towels should be used to gently absorb excess moisture on the wigs and then put them in a ventilated place to avoid damage to the wigs caused by direct sunlight.
6. Don't comb the wig immediately after washing it should wait until the wig is dry
7. Use steel comb combing, can not use plastic comb oh!
8. Combs are basically not used for curly hair, and it is ok to tidy it up by hand every time you bring it well
9. Don't pull a wig if it takes a long time to tie a knot
10. Be careful not to spray philosophy water on the wig, hair wax and other real hair use of stereotypes so that the wig will become sticky.
11.Wigs can be tied up, but not too high, or their real hair will run out
12. A longer wig comb when the wig should be divided into a few paragraphs long, comb from the bottom up, must be light, have patience.
13. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss in the process of finishing and wearing
14. Usually do not wear on the original packaging or support, to take the time to shake it back to the original
15.When washing, you can first dissolve the shampoo in a proper amount of warm water and soak it for about 5 minutes, then shake it gently to wash away the dirt. Do not twist and knead it hard, otherwise it will damage your hair style. Wash it with clear water and soak it in conditioner for 10 minutes. After taking it out, hang it in a dry and ventilated place to dry, comb it back to the original hairstyle in a semi-dry state, and then dry it completely, so that the hairstyle can remain as perfect as ever.