Inflatable Floating Lounger Portable Float Bed Swimming Pool Sea Water Fun

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  • 100% pure nylon fabric texture light and inelastic.
  • Light weight, small size.
  • It is fold-able,does not occupy space.
  • Waterproof anti-pollution treatment easy to clean.
  • You can float on water, luxuriate in sunshine.
  • Enjoy and relax at this wonderful moment.
  • Can be paved on the beach to enjoy the sun.
  • Fast inflatable don't any electric and manual foot of inflatable auxiliary facilities, magic-like in a few seconds in complete inflatable and storage.
  • The the leak-proof gas material can bear 200kg of pressure at the same time the sewing technology, make the whole material even for one.


  • Open the pocket linear trotting a few steps to fully load 80% air and then roll up the seal, which can be quickly and conveniently after the buckle is buckled.
  • Step1: Layout the water hammock and allow some air to enter the air tubes
  • Step2: Grasp the outer edge of each opening,make sure the opening are as big as possible to maximize the collection of air. Run forward 10-15feet,then quickly close the openings and immediate push the air gently towards the hammock center, if needed repeat this process until the hammock baffle is 80-90%full.
  • Step3: Roll the two openings which will compress the air inside the baffle. Do this for both ends until the air baffle is tight. Then clip both buckles which will prevent air leakage and retain compression
  • Step4: Clip the buckle. The Water Lounger is set up.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Inflatable Floating Bed