Cute Bee Baby Toilet Seat With Armrests Comfortable Potty Children Kids Potty Seat

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color: PU pink
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1.Selection of high-quality Eco-friendly PP material, matte texture process wear-resistant and easy to clean,do not contain bisphenol A, let the baby grow up healthily

2.Double armrest design, let baby safe and stable, The baby can use the toilet freely and parents need not side waiting

3.Selection of high-quality PU fabric material, soft and comfortable, removable design, easy to clean, more hygienic

4.Magic paste cushion removable design,easy to clean and more hygienic.

5.Raise urine mouth, prevent splashing inside and outside, male and female baby both can use

6.Use or take up, select the home hook to hang up

7.Bottom 4 anti-slip strips + fixed clips are fixed, safe and stable do not shift, the mother rest assured, the baby feel relieved